Management Systems are practical tools within your business. But which is the best system for your company? How do you utilize it? How do you set it up? And how do you ensure that everyone in your company is acquainted and accustomed to it? We have the answers to these many questions.


Our extensive knowledge of the industry standards and guidelines on management systems will geatly assist you. We will support you in all of your communications and assist with the practical application. Furthermore, we also facilitate  meetings and provide training on the management systems.


Some topics around management systems

  • conduct gap analysis with respect to your business;
  • set up, implement and if needed, maintain the management systems related to Quality ( ISO 9001 ), Health and Safety (OHSAS 18001), Environment (ISO 14001), Industrial Safety (NTA 8620 including VCA**)  and sustainable development;
  • assist certification processes, such as ISO standards and BRL guidelines.


Should you have any question regarding management systems, please contact us at your convenience.